Wisdom Tooth Extraction

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Wisdom Tooth Extraction


Sometimes, wisdom teeth get impacted, cause pain, and create problems for the nearby teeth. In such cases, wisdom teeth extraction is the only solution to get rid of the issue. Depending on the conditions of your teeth, the extraction might be a simple or a surgical one. After a thorough examination, your dentist might suggest extraction even if the impacted teeth are not causing any problems to prevent any future damages. If you have wisdom teeth or if the affected teeth are causing issues, contact us at Brite Smilez dental clinic. Our dentists and oral surgeons will help you to get rid of the situation.

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Why do you need an extraction?

Wisdom teeth generally do not require any additional attention, but sometimes it might cause issues such as:

  • It starts growing at a weird angle, causing problems to the nearby teeth alignment.
  • Grow towards the back of your mouth.
  • It starts to grow at a right angle to the adjacent teeth.
  • It grows straight up or down but stays below the jawbone surface.

If any of the above is the case with your wisdom teeth, you might need to undergo an extraction. You will be given anesthesia during the whole procedure, so there is no fear of pain. After the extraction, you might experience pain, swelling, bruises, etc., which are temporary and would go away soon. You should follow your dentistโ€™s advice properly to get the best results and recover quickly.


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