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Teeth Whitening


Food, drinks, and lifestyle choices like smoking can easily stain your teeth surface. To remove that and make your teeth pearly white, teeth whitening treatment is the best treatment available. It is a widely used cosmetic dental procedure that can improve your aesthetics and give you a beautiful smile. For reliable and long-lasting teeth whitening results, contact the experts at Brite Smilez dental clinic. We have trained professionals who will gift you a stain-free, healthy white smile.

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Why do teeth get stained?


Your enamel reflects the natural color of your teeth that can get easily stained or turn yellow. There are many reasons behind this staining and discoloration. While some can be controlled, others are out of our hands. Letโ€™s find the reason behind our teeth getting stained:

  • Consumption of stained drinks like tea, coffee, wine, etc.
  • Consumption of tobacco
  • Accident or trauma
  • Aging
  • Medical conditions that can cause stained teeth

Oral health is essential.


Teeth whitening procedure lasts for around a year, which means you can undergo the procedure once every year. It would give you a bright white smile and keep your dental health in place. To maintain the results, make sure to brush and floss twice a day. Also, avoid consuming stained food, drinks, and tobacco products. Your main aim should be to maintain your teethโ€™s health, which is essential.


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