Root Canal Therapy

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Root Canal Therapy


Root Canal is the hollow section of a tooth containing all the nerves and tissues collectively known as pulp. Sometimes infections occur in the root canal, leading to pulp decay, and you might lose your teeth. Root canal therapy helps save your natural tooth, eliminating the pain associated with the infection. If you have tooth pain, do not delay contacting us at Brite Smilez. The more you delay, the less will be the chances of saving your natural tooth. We have experienced oral surgeons who have successfully executed the therapy on many patients and saved their natural smile.

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What is the procedure?

The root canal therapy is executed in three steps:

  • The dentist will start cleaning inside the root canal to remove the infected pulp. The process will be executed under local anesthesia; hence there is no pain associated with it.
  • Next, the root canal will be filled with a rubber-like substance, and the same will be cemented to seal the canals completely.
  • Finally, a crown or filling will be added to give added protection to your natural tooth.

The procedure is completed in a single visit, unless there are complications like a curved canal, large infections, etc. One of the myths associated with this procedure is, people, think it to be extremely painful. However, this is not at all the case. The pain is due to the infections and not the treatment. So if your dentist has suggested root canal therapy, there is nothing to worry about. You will be given local anesthesia during the procedure, and after it’s done, you might experience some tenderness. That is very temporary and would go away with over the counter medications.


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