Cosmetic Bonding

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Cosmetic Bonding


Cosmetic Bonding constitutes a dental procedure wherein composite resin is applied to your teeth. To improve your aesthetics, it is made sure that the resin matches your natural tooth color. Cosmetic Bonding is mainly done to improve your facial appearance. It also repairs cracked, chipped, broken, and stained teeth. The procedure is quite efficient in covering up the gaps between teeth. It is one of the less complicated cosmetic treatments that generally doesnโ€™t require anesthesia.

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What are the benefits of the treatment?


Cosmetic Bonding is one of the best dental procedures that improve your cosmetic appearance to a great extent. Depending on your teeth and budget conditions, your dentist will suggest the best resin material for you. Some benefits of the treatments are:

  • It is one of the most affordable cosmetic procedures.
  • The treatment can be completed in a single visit.
  • The process is minimally invasive, which means most of your natural teeth enamel will be saved.

Caring for your bonded teeth


One of the best things about cosmetic Bonding is that you will not need to worry about maintenance or take extra care of your teeth. Maintain your routine of brushing and flossing, and avoid drinks like tea, coffee, wine, etc., that can stain your teeth. Also, visit your dentist regularly to ensure your Bonding lasts long.
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