Periodontal maintenance cleanings

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Periodontal cleanings


Periodontal diseases mainly occur when bacterias in the plaque accumulate on the gingival tissues, either above or below the gum line. It leads to severe inflammation, which can lead to tooth and jaw bone loss if not treated on time. Periodontal maintenance cleanings help to clean your teeth thoroughly. It is a preventive measure that stops the spread of periodontal diseases. If your periodic maintenance cleaning is due, call us at Brite Smilez dental clinic. Our experts will help you to take out the bacteria from your gum pockets, making it healthy.

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Why go for periodontal maintenance cleanings?

A session of periodontal cleaning can help to eliminate many dental problems, including:

  • The plaque, if not removed on time, hardens to form tartar. Normal brushing and flossing cannot remove the tartar, bacteria from the gum pockets, and debris. The best way to get rid of tartar is through these deep cleaning techniques.
  • he deep cleaning can effectively remove stains and yellowishness from your teeth, improving their aesthetic appearance. The procedure can give you pearly white teeth.
  • A significant indicator of periodontal disease is bad breath. The maintenance cleanings help to remove bad odor from your mouth, giving you a good taste.

Go for periodontal maintenance cleaning once every four-month as frequently as your dentist suggests. Follow all the instructions of your dentist and do not miss your oral hygiene practices. Negligence of routine dental practices is one of the leading causes of periodontal problems.


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