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Gum grafting


Gum grafting can help recover receding gum lines, exposing your tooth roots, making them more vulnerable to decay. Receding gums can also make your teeth sensitive and prone to abrasion. Gum grafting is a simple surgical procedure that your periodontist carries out. The process involves removing tissue from the roof of your mouth and attaching the same to the receded area. It is an outpatient procedure, which means you can leave as soon as it is done. At Brite Smilez dental clinic, we have experienced periodontists who can perform this surgical procedure with accuracy.

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When would you need gum grafting?

Gum recession is a serious problem. It would loosen up your tooth roots, and as a result, your tooth might fall off. Receded gums also cause a lot of oral problems, including:

  • Teeth sensitivity
  • Loose teeth
  • Inflamed, red, and tender gums
  • More cavities

Gum grafting is a simple way to get rid of these problems. The procedure helps in replacing the lost tissues and restoring the gum line to its original position. Our expert periodontist will thoroughly check your oral conditions and medical history to understand if you are the right candidate for this procedure. To know more about gum grafting, you can give us a call directly.


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