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If you have replaced or removed your natural teeth, dentures can prove to be an effective solution for you. Dentures can either be full or partial, depending on the number of teeth you are missing. They would replace your gums and teeth to restore your smile and oral functions. No matter which denture you might need, these are custom-fitted inside your mouth. Your mouth will get used to wearing dentures after using them for a few days. If you are looking for dental experts who can restore your smile or if you want to know more about dentures, contact us at Brite Smilez dental clinic.

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What are the different types of dentures?

Depending on the number of teeth you are missing, there are two types of dentures for your convenience:

  • Partial dentures: These are mostly used for a few missing teeth when the nearby teeth are not healthy enough to support other structures like bridges. They are fitted to your gum line and then fastened to your nearby teeth to avoid falling off. These are removable equipment, which makes it more convenient.
  • Full dentures: These help to replace teeth in your entire lower or upper jawline. They are held in place through suction or oral adhesive. Complete dentures are removable, which means you can take them off while eating or when you wish to clean them.

Cleaning your dentures

You would need to clean your dentures regularly, just like you clean your natural teeth. Even though dentures are artificial teeth, bacteria and plaque build-up are common, which can affect your remaining gumline.

Cleaning your dentures is not a challenging task- take them out and hold them under running water to eliminate any food particles. Then brush it with a soft-bristle brush and soap, followed by thoroughly rinsing it.

Clean your gums in the meantime with a brush and toothpaste. Then take a soft cloth and pat your gums dry. Visit your dentist once in six months to ensure your oral health and dentures are fine.


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