We have moved to Albania three times and I also love it there

Thank you for uploading this informative article! Great info! My personal bestfriend and I also (both swedes Balkan hookup ads posting sites Pomona enthusiasts) will Albania and Montenegro come early july! After reading the fantastic posts with tips, your aided united states by verifying we have actually great day at anticipate. The roadtrip we planned to date is we in the pipeline on employed the method through Albania from Saranda (we secure at Corfu airport, Greece) to Vlora, furthermore onto Tirana immediately after which furthermore into Montenegro before we ultimately can become in Dubrovnik (Croatia) where we travel homes!

Now i will be uploading within hope of getting a good buy pointers and options on areas really worth checking out a perhaps some inputs from anyone who has generated a comparable travels? Me and my pal have actually 8 weeks to complete so we become both interested in meeting folk, tanning and enjoying all types of food!


I’m Montenegrin, who’s got in propose to bring a visit to south of Albania this summer(Ksamil is my personal destination).i am certain it should be fantastic and I also would wish to give thanks to Larissa for her guidelines. We do not determine if your alredy have your vacation to Montenegro, but here are my strategies what you ought to see:Regarding seaside coast you shouldnt skip Kotor and Boka bay, Sveti Stefan(peninsula) , and Budva. Relating to mountains you ought to go to Cetinje(used to-be capital of Montenegro although we had been empire) as well as vital records galleries are there any. Its a tiny town within the hill as well as its just half an hour travel from Budva.Capital Podgorica isn’t that exciting.Bar town because of the ocean is a useful one but its a harbour type of town(it has a nice promenade though).You may also stop in Herceg Novi on your way to Dubrovnik. The north of Montenegro keeps astounding charm too.If you have time and energy to traveling indeed there as well, thank you so much should go to Zabljak(gorgeous pond and nature).Hope that I became helpfull 🙂 posses a good journey!


My personal sweetheart resides in the farmlands near Kavjaja. I don’t communicate Albanian and that I don’t believe i’ll previously learn than many thanks and close. It’s a hardcore vocabulary to educate yourself on. My home is Canada and travel two times a-year. Spring and autumn. I like the fall because there is so much more fruit and vegetables readily available. Individuals tend to be gentle. The streets include outrageous but a visit toward bakery tends to make everything all much better . For those who have an opportunity., browse Albania., specifically if you like chicken :):)


It is an initial time lifetime actually hearing anything positive with this stunning put… It’s got a beautiful thirty days cascading down in gorgeous beache stunning reverse spot for cycling it really is an eden for months and hiking And indeed we likewise have started more misfortune country in Europe just isn’t reasonable for judging the country for short periods of time of the time of democratical You’ll be able to compare Albanian the region they are democratical centries feeling World War II Albania like other region which they result from the rumble of World War II our company is arriving at yet another thing towards Albania whoever would like to know durion The Second World War Albania was the sole country in European countries Eastern Europe that actually ended up being a secure eden for Jewish they life during the line to truly save the Jewish neighborhood i will be really thankful to hear this positive head regarding destination that i enjoy really I do not believe there’s any people that possess ever experienced just as much history or provide I-go indeed there annually and every energy I-go We discover an impact We see big improvement regarding I’m happy yet again i do want to thank-you for all the beautiful head about remarkable spot which had some bad luck but the nature nonetheless there