I discovered Vaˆ™s sex very hard to pinpoint

May very well not have seen but creating things which are generally really gay creates Jungkook feel like his manliness will be torn to shreds

The guy virtually addresses extremely affiliate differently and it is challenging determine whether it is simply platonic or whether there is a destination there. But I finally selected my estimation. I do believe V is actually bicurious. I do not feel he could be completely direct as a result of the behind-the-scenes footage which will show V is really quite open and it is more than friendly together with other customers; but i cannot picture he’s totally gay. I’m scared this definition is pretty small but I actually is destroyed for words, he is a mysterious people. Finally; bicurious or bisexual and bending towards women.

Okay thus I need another two possibility like I did with V and Suga. One getting Jungkook is totally directly, definitely a ladies’ guy. Option two try bicurious. My personal predominant belief is that Jungkook was straight. This is certainly for several reasons, top getting his direct masculinity elaborate. This isn’t because he is homophobic, but it’s because he is be a grown people, he’s transformed from cute Kookie to a grown Jeon Jungkook that wants to see as masculine and sexy as it can. I do believe it is a hormone thing, I don’t know. Anyway, why don’t we push onto my personal next principle. Jungkook I feel will get a little suffocated with all the babying and fanservice he gets from certain customers *cough cough* Jimin! But he nonetheless seems an attraction to one, or even a couple of customers. In closing; straight but attracted to close male(s).

It’s my opinion Jimin has realised J-hope is homosexual so in retrospect they actually look lured, since it is things they show

Jimin will be the just representative I can unquestionably state was online desperate dating homosexual, no matter about this. Discover sooo many reasons precisely why i believe this, therefore I’ll simply say many of them. Okay why don’t we just take a situation, whenever Jimin came across Tony in…I’m forgetting the name, Hustle Life? Jimin immediately warmed to his co-star (although we all know that this enjoy ended up being one sided). He shyly linked hands with Tony and honestly felt flushed when he ended up being complimented by his beloved Tony. It actually was obvious that Jimin is having an attraction to Tony. Okay today we bring another associate into the world. J-hope. But happens to be apparent that Jimin strives for male interest and is sometimes denied because he is so straight-forward, boyant and wants to flaunt their abs each time they can to help make the lovers scream. In my experience, Jimin will be the flirtiest and the majority of touchy-feels utilizing the some other users. He’s in addition clearly perhaps not timid in terms of fanservice. Like J-hope, Jimin has a tendency to overlook the women idols unless they’re performing. There are lots of more reasons but i do believe you will get the idea. Sorry women but in bottom line; completely homosexual.

Tell me how you feel! Sorry if I got rambling but I had a great deal to state in a quick area. Will you consent or differ with any?

I will disregard the typical gay guy label, but I’m not using it negatively right here and so I’m going to get forward using this. In a nutshell, J-hope are gay. At the least I Believe. His overly (but not in a bad way) passionate character and typically girly dancing features led me to feel this. You fangirls and fanboy are handled to a forfeit hug between J-hope and V a while ago and that provided me with some tip as to how gay J-hope is actually. The guy indicated no sense of fear and didn’t manage at all annoyed, i do believe he even liked they. I do believe if he was right however had a pride that generated your exaggerate their fear your claiming things such as aˆ?don’t hurry myself!aˆ? Or aˆ?I don’t wish to accomplish this!aˆ? Alternatively the guy just got on along with it. J-hope can become extremely near actually with other users and I imagine they are happy making use of truth fanservice is out there. J-hope in addition has a tendency to either neglect feminine idols when they’re about or participate in their own enjoyable. Finally; gay.