Do you find yourself in need of dental services? Many people go to the nearest dentist’s office, thinking that all dentist are the same. It’s worth noting, however, that choosing the wrong one can waste a lot of your precious time and money. You must realize that your choice comes with ramifications that go way beyond your initial visit. So, how do you go about finding a reliable dentist in your city? Here’s a quick guide to help you deal with the process.

1) Does the dentist care about your overall health?
During the initial consultation, you should observe whether the dentist is concerned about your whole body health and not just your teeth. Your oral health has a significant impact on the rest of your body. A reputable dentist takes the time to ask about your health history and educate you on how your teeth and gums affect other parts of your body.

2) Is the dentist a member of a professional organization?
It’s always a plus when you work with a dentist who belongs to a professional organization. These organizations may have members all over the world, and all of them are held to the same standard. They share valuable knowledge particularly on the latest methods in dental care. Many organizations also focus on offering education courses to further the skills and knowledge of their members. Don’t hesitate to ask what organization the dentist belongs to and do your research about it.

3) Where does your insurance company point you?
Many people choose a dentist based on what their insurance provider tells them. Of course, this is an attempt to save as much money as possible. There are cases, however, in which you may want to choose a different dentist, especially if you need specialized care. You can ask your company whether you have an out of network option. This opens up more opportunities for finding the right dentist for you while still saving money.

4) Ask recommendation from family, friends, and workmates
Word-of-mouth works wonders when buying products or services, but it can also be applied when looking for a dentist in your city. Ask your friend, family members, and colleagues for recommendations. There’s a good chance that they’ve already worked with a reputable dentist. Just be sure that the dentist they have worked with specializes in the kind of service you need. This is one of the best ways to instantly narrow down your list.

5) Research the dentist online
The best dentists usually have some level of online presence. Instead of flipping through the yellow pages, go online and find what other people have to say about the dentist. Keep in mind, though, that not all reviews can be trusted. Some are only manufactured, so be sure to use reliable sources. A good sign of a genuine review is when it goes into details about the exact dental procedures performed by the dentist. This is similar to getting recommendations from people you know, but it offers the advantage of getting more feedback from past clients.