When was the last time you visited a dentist to get your teeth cleaned? It may sound absurd, but many people skip their appointment with their dentist for years. While you may be religiously brushing and flossing every day, nothing still compares to professional dental cleaning. If you’re one of the people who doesn’t even think about going to the dentist, it’s high time to end this habit. Keep reading to learn the top four reasons why you should have your teeth cleaned by a dentist every six months.

1) Specialized care

You may have invested in the most expensive toothbrush, toothpaste, and dental floss, but you can never be sure that your teeth and gums are free from any bacteria. Only dentists have the proper instruments to get rid of plaque that your toothbrush and floss will never be able to remove. As you may know, plaque eventually turns into tartar, which then causes more dental problems in the long run. Through dental cleaning, you decrease your chances of suffering from tooth decay and gum disease.

2) Detect early signs of dental problems

Another reason why it’s helpful to visit the dentist twice a year for professional cleaning is to allow the dental professional to detect and diagnose early signs of oral health problems. Even if it’s just a small problem that doesn’t cause you any sort of pain or discomfort, you should take action right away to prevent it from getting worse. This doesn’t mean an x-ray is called for every six months. Just allow the dentist to examine your teeth and gums for a thorough dental checkup.

It’s worth noting that some people may even have to go to the dentist more frequently. There are those who suffer from a faster rate of decay, which means cavities develop more quickly. At the very least, schedule an appointment with your dentist twice a year and then figure out whether you need to go more often after your first consultation. Yes, it can prove to be inconvenient, but you’ll thank yourself later for taking a more proactive approach.

3) Save money over the long-term

Many people ignore their oral health until it’s too late. They think that visiting the dentist is only a waste of money, especially if they don’t suffer from any pain or discomfort. Little do they know that oral health problems get worse over time, which means more expensive treatments and procedures may be necessary once they do visit the dentist. Also, consider that most dental insurance companies cover the costs of two cleanings and dental exams per year. There’s no reason not to take advantage of it.

4) Improve your smile

Wouldn’t you want a better-looking smile? If you’ve never tried professional dental cleaning in the past, then you’ll be pleasantly surprised with the results. Your smile will be brighter than ever. No more awkward moments as you can flash your smile anytime you want without worrying about yellow teeth, stains, and other aesthetic problems.